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Bicycle rental in Rio de Janeiro

Using the many bike stations in the Zona Sul


In addition to numerous traditional bicycle rentals there are bicycles for short term rent available in Rio. You find them at over 60 stations. You can buy monthly tickets or a day pass. Payment is made by credit card.




Buy a day pass:

First you have to call and register your smartphone and your credit card details. After that, you can do the payment right the moment when you want to take the bike. Search for information about rules and prizes. 


Removal from a station:

  • You call the indicated phone number - with the registered smartphone. 
  • First tell the operator the number of the station.
  • Thereafter, the number of the desired position of the bicycle.
  • It is confirmed and you can take the bike, when the light goes on.





  • There is no limit how often you can take a bicycle per day. 
  • Rides up to 60 minutes. are free. After that, they charge an additional fee. 
  • You need to wait 15 min. before you can take another bike for the next hour. 
  • The bike can be returned at any station with a free space. If there is no space at the station you have to call the office.



You are here: Start - > > > - Leisure - > > > - Recreation - > > > - rent a bike