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Sport in Rio de Janeiro

Suggestions for your active leisure


The sport and leisure options in Rio de Janeiro are of course not limited to the beach. However, the beach offers many opportunities already. Besides football and volleyball, beach ball and swim there are for example at certain intervals modern fitness stations. The Prommenade invites for jogging, biking or skating.
Pedestrians be aware. Having crossed the main street, the people with skates, bicycles, jogging, etc. come from both sides. 
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Experience a football match live

If you would like to experience once the stadium atmosphere in Brazil.
The four biggest football clubs in Rio de Janeiro (Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo and Vasco) usually play on weekends in the Maracana stadium or Engenhão. The football season starts in May and ends in December. But from January to April, there are some interesting matches too, for example in the competitions like Copa Libertadores or Copa Sulamericana (similar to the Champions League).
Currently, the Maracana stadium rebuilt just for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and almost all of the matches take place in the Engenhão Stadium. Tickets can also be purchased in advance.
If you want us to reserve tickets for you or if you prefer us to accompany you, you can tell us via the contact form.
You are here: Start - > > > - Leisure - > > > - Activities - > > > - Sport