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Discover Rio de Janeiro on your own

It is more exciting for many people to explore Rio de Janeiro alone. There is no need to book a tour for everything. You can get to some sights easily on your own. We want to give you some ideas.

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is interesting because of nice old vilas, a special atmosphere and beautiful views. It is not far from the center and therefore a popular neighborhood.

At the moment, you can not take the old tram from the center up to Santa Teresa. But walk around and see old villas and beautiful views. Of course you can also get off the road and take a stroll through the streets. There are many good restaurants and bars with a lot of tradition. An adventure is the trip anyway.


Take the ferry to Niteroi

You can also run regularly from the pier at the Mercado Municipal Court to Niteroi and enjoy the beautiful views of the Sugar Loaf, the skyline of Rio and Guanabara Bay. In Niteroi, you can stroll along the beaches, but also visit the Fort and of course the Museum of Modern Art. If you want to take the bus, please check our tips to find out how they get there.

Center of Rio de Janeiro

There are narrow streets of the old town with preserved or restored houses where you can walk around. Depending on the road there is quiet a lot of activity. Of course there are markets, shopping centers and the financial center of Rio.

Walk through Ipanema

You can choose the street Rua V.d. Piraja and walk along, do some shopping or relax in the small park and watch the action. A good place to start from is the place (and the Metro Station) Gen. Osorio. Walk in the direction of Leblon. 

Lapa during the day

Beside the famous nightlife of Lapa, the district is also worth a walk during the day. One can find many old houses with peculiar shops and beautiful facades next to modern buildings. A tourist attraction is, of course, the Arco de Lapa. If one wishes to extend his walk, you can stroll to the old town (eg Rua Uruguaiana) and enter the hustle and bustle in the narrow streets.

Visit the stairs of Selaron

Part of Lapa, in a side street, the Chilean artist Selaron spends his life creating the stairway of tiles. He changed the appearance of this public stairs. Over the years, the stairs becamo always better known. Today, it is already attracting tourists.
Selaron compares the stairs with a woman, she wants to be more beautiful every day. The staircase is made from countless tiles from around the world. There are  215 steps towards Santa Teresa. Selaron still works there. You can recognize him easily. He uses to wear red clothes. 



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