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Walking Tour - Babilonia

Ascent of about 200m - nature, favela, beautiful view 


The Tour:

We will go uphill till the top of the mountain. First we will pass the neighborhood. We can have a rest in a local bar. After this, we cross the protected area, a kind of forest. We continue up through lush vegetation. Arriving on the top of the hill, there will be an outstanding view over the bay of Botafogo, of the Sugarloaf and Cristo.


Where do we go?

We pass the communidade Babilonia (favela), enter the nature reserve area and got to thp of the hill. 
It is possible to make the Pciknick onthe top and spend some time there. Please agree with us in advance. 




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You are here: Start - > > > - Tours - > > > - Hiking - Babilonia