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Find an apartment in Rio de Janeiro

Holiday flat rentals in Ipanema, Leblon and Copacabana

We rent apartments mainly for short stays. The apartments have the following features:

  •      furniture (beds, wardrobes, tables, etc.)
  •      adequate facilities (cooking facilities or complete kitchen, crockery, refrigerator)
  •      Cable TV, Internet )
  •      24 security (access to the apartment building is monitored by the concierge)
  •      elevator

Please, find the details of a holiday flat in the details of each apartment.

Holiday flats in Rio de Janeiro

Find a holiday flat for your short term stay in Ipanema, Leblon or Copacabana.

A. apartment by neighborhood and bedroom number

In the submenu of apartments you can directly select a category for your holiday flat. (eg Ipanema - 2 bedrooms). Click through to get to the overview map and brief description.

B. As all apartments - Overview

You can find a map with all available apartments in Rio if you click on the main menu "apartments". So you can see, for example, all one bedroom apartments in Ipanema and Copacabana. With one click you get to the details of each apartment in Rio.

C. List of all available apartments in Rio de Janeiro

When you call the list of apartments, you can assemble your own short list of apartments in Rio, or compare different apartments in Rio. There are some options beside the list to filter the results according to your preferences.

D. apartments in Rio for a fixed travel period

Is your travel period already fixed? If you already have the data for your stay, we can provide you with suggestions for an appropriate apartment in Rio de Janeiro. You tell us your preferences, your budget and your travel period and we will suggest one or more available apartments in Rio for you. We will send you the links to the details of the apartment. Please use our form for this.

D. apartment for a long-term stay

Apartments for long-term stays in Rio de Janeiro also might be rented unfurnished. Please send us som ideas about your preferred flat. (size, area, budget, equipment).

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